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    DZ87KLT-75K USB 3.0 Driver problems. Help?


      Hi, I'm not the best at explaining things so please bare with me .

      I have an Intel DZ87KLT-75K motherboard which has support for additional USB3.0 ports (obviously) and I have a CoolerMaster HAF X case, which has 2x USB3.0 ports on the front. I have them plugged straight into the correct spot on the motherboard (the blue 20-pin? port), they work all well and good without the USB3.0 drivers but only at USB2.0 speeds (obviously) that's no issue. But when I install the USB3.0 drivers for my board and OS: win7 64-bit this one- (Download Center) they work at full USB3.0 speeds, however, when I have a device plugged into them, there is no option to safely remove the device. It has completely disappeared as though the device is not removable. This is ONLY when the USB3.0 driver are installed. And ONLY with the 2x front USB3.0 ports on the case. All other USB3.0/USB2.0 ports work flawlessly. I have tried using third party safely remove tools, still the devices don't show. Happens with both flash drives and portable HDDs. I tried a fresh installation of Windows, still does the same thing. Took me a while to figure out but after long hours spent of trial and error I have decided it's definitely something to do with the driver itself. I've played around with the settings in device manager/BIOS, still doesn't seem to have an option regarding safely removing media. At first I thought maybe it was a feature of the driver and it just didn't need to be done but after only a few days of using no safely remove and just yanking the drives out after use, I had corrupt data, missing files etc. Maybe there is an option somewhere I have missed that needs to be changed? I don't know.

      I have googled so many times and looked all over forums to see if anyone is experiencing the same problem and I cant seem to find any info on this exact problem anywhere so here I am seeking any advice/help to overcome my issue.


      If I have left out any vital information that may help please let me know, greatly appreciate any help that may be provided


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