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    Intel i5 m460 GPU driver problem



      I have a problem,i cant find (somehow) my Graphic card on my notebook,i think its something like Intel HD Graphics (GMA or something like that)gp

      I tried to update driver with Intel® Driver Update Utility but no new driver found.

      I have windows 8 and i have poor GPU performance,i know this is not a high end GPU but i hardly can play 6 year old games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

      Can anyone help me with this? which GPU Driver i should use?
      And,with which videocard i can compare my GPU? what ATI/NVIDIA series.

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          Your system has a processor that features the first generation of in-cpu video controllers, called Intel® HD Graphics.


          The drivers for that video controller or GPU are provided by the operating system itself. If you require an updated driver for it, you should check through Windows* updates:

          Microsoft Windows Update


          Concerning your last question, we may just comment on our own products as it would not be a professional position to compare it with third party ones. If you would like to have information on what that video controller is designed to support, you can refer to this document: