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    Recovering data from a broken SSD 320


      Hi, I am navigating a world about which I know nothing, so I apologise if I am asking the wrong people.  I have a Toshiba laptop computer and last week the Intel SSD 320 in it when "pffff" and stopped working.  We sent it to Kurt, a local Hungarian company which are expert in disk recovery, and they say because of hardware encryption in the SSD, it is impossible to recover data on the disk...


      Since I have some important files on it (and the back up Samsung hard disk I had also broke and then accidentally got sent for recycling!) I would dearly love to know if there is any chance of recovering the data on the disk.  Is there an amazingly brainy guy somewhere who can do the trick?  Might technology change one day in the future to make this possible?  Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.


      Yes, I do know about backing up and storing things on the cloud ... now.


      Best wishes,


      James Atkins