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    Intel DH67BL 3 beeps in all condition.


      Hi, I Have 2 Brand New Intel Motherboard DH67BL and a problem.

      I Put a Intel Pentium G2120 and 2 bank of Kingston KVR1333DS8N9H 2GB on one of this motherboard, plug the 450W Power Supply and make all connection for the USB front panel and button.

      When i try to power on i hear 3 long beeps repeating. I know it's a memory problem and i try to remove a bank, move the ram in all 4 slot, change the ram with a 1066MHz, add a video Card but nothing work.


      I Changed motherboard and i tried all i wrote before and i had the same result: Nothing work.


      I tested the RAM and the Video Card in a other machine and seems to work fine.


      The only thing i can't check is the proc.


      I double check the pins on processor socket and the processor and seems to be ok.


      Am I unlucky? I made some mistake? please help me.