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    NUC and Creative wireless T12 speakers



      I hope that someone can help me with a problem I have at the moment.

      I have a NUC DC3217IYE with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 mounted, giving Bluetooth connectivity (and W-LAN).

      I then bought a pair of Creative Wireless T12 speakers with Bluetooth capability to be able to get any sound out from the NUC.

      I fail miserably.

      The OS I am running is Windows 7-64bit Ultimate.

      The state I have reached now is that the speakers have been identified by the NUC, but Windows insist that I should install a driver for this device (also stating that "The driver for Bluetooth Peripheral Device is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device.").

      When googling the Internet I have come to the understanding that there are no drivers for these speakers. They support A2DP.


      The first question is that if the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 supports A2DP or not? If it does, then what do I have to do for this setup to work? I have rebooted the device after connecting the speakers, but there are still no connection establisheCreatid from the NUC to the speakers. The speakers themselves work when I use an iPhone to connect to them, so it seems to be a matter of which protocol the NUCs Bluetooth adapter is handling.

      It would be sad if I would have to buy a separate USB-dongle just for this, but what other options are there?


      Please advice, I am thankful for any help offered.