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    desktop display


      I have medion laptop with integrated graphics my desktop no longer shows my taskbar  and makes explorer windows larger, updated driver from intel and medion sites still have same problem any help much appreciated

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          You can use the hot keys shortcut to set the display panel fit and adjust the scaling mode. This is done using (CTRL+ALT+F11)

          You can also try adjusting the video resolution of the display. For this use the information available on this article;



          If the issue persists, please let us know the model of the laptop you have, the operating system installed and the model of processor and Intel(R) video controller you have in that system. Also the driver version installed.

          You can also copy paste the dxdiag report generated from that system. (Go to Start, type dxdiag and click on save all information)

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            I have a medion akoya e7212 using windows 7 mobile intel (r) 4 series express chipset family driver version, can't copy dxdiag as I can't get to start or anything on my task bar,

            THanks for any help forthcoming


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              Was there any change done before this started to happen?


              Could you please confirm what happens when you try the hot keys shortcut to set the display panel fit and adjust the scaling mode?

              Have you tried using an external display connected to the system? Or tried booting the system in safe mode?

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                No changes prior to this happening

                Nothing happens when I try the shortcut

                Have not tried external display because when I turned on the laptop tonight the display came on as normal.

                Contacted Medion support who said they think the inbuilt graphics could be breaking down and would need the motherboard replacing ,probably cheaper to buy new laptop.But for now will see how it goes.

                I would like to thank you for your time and knowhow in trying to help me.

                Once again thanks,


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                  Thank you for your feedback Deazer. Could you please try using the system in safe mode and remove any Intel(R) video driver installed?

                  Once this is done, restart the computer and check the desktop display. If it's fine, then try installing the driver posted here:

                  Driver for Microsoft* Windows* 7 x32

                  Driver for Microsoft* Windows* 7 x64


                  If the issue persists even after using that driver, you may try launching the graphics panel, through the control panel of your operating system, just by pressing the "windows logo" key and type control panel, press enter and locate the Intel(R) Graphics and Media control panel. Try adjusting the video resolution and aspect ratio from there.

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                    Hi Diego i have tried your suggestions and installed new driver but to no avail, also pressing windows key nothing happens i have been into graphics properties and changed the aspect and resolution displays but nothing changes. Medion have advised me to reload windows but loathe to try this except as a last resort.

                    Thanks for your time in trying to help me.


                    Since posting my reply i have restarted the laptop 3 times and the display is normal upon checking the graphics panel it seems the display settings have changed to a lower resolution 1600x900 where before it was much higher and these settings are no longer there.

                    Hopefully this has resolved my problem.

                    Thanks again


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                      What it seems is that the system was using a higher resolution that is not supported by the display in your system.

                      At least you can confirm that the maximum you may be using is 1600x900 in that case.