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    D865GBF BIOS update fallue


      A day ago I try to update the BIOS of my mother board D865GBF, in the restart the boot process don’t work, I read the documents and the readme I try to use the BIOS recovery, read the floppy and send me 4 beeps, I retire all dispositive, processor, CMOS battery, RAM for a night, and I try again and it not work, I no know what happened whit the BIOS, and I try whit the P08 recovery (is the BIOS V of the original desktop), what I should to do?


      Hace un día trate de actualizar el BIOS de mi D865GBF, en el reinicio en el proceso de boteo no trabajo, eh leído la documentación y el léeme, trate con el recovery bios, después de leer el floopy me envía un mensaje de error de 4 bips, retire todos los dispositivos, procesador, batería de la CMOS, y la ram por toda una noche y trate el proceso de nuevo, des[ues trate con la versión P08 (es el bios que tenia de fabrica la tarjeta madre), ahora no se qué hacer -_-.

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          Hi there,

          Try the following steps:
          Download the latest bios file from the website below
          Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/T8Clearance.aspx?sType=&agr=Y&ProductID=948&DwnldID=10130&url=/10130/eng/P25-0077.BIO&PrdMap=&strOSs=38&OSFullName=OSIndependent&lang=eng

          Copy the bio file to a fat-formatted (non-bootable) usb memory stick
          Remove the bios jumper from the board.
          Connect the usb stick on the target machine.
          Make sure there is no other usb devices connected on the system
          Switch on the system
          Wait for the bios update to complete.
          Put back the bios jumper to its normal position
          Try to boot the machine.

          This is called the BIOS Update using the Recovery Mode.


          Read the READ ME everything is documented clearly.
          Website: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17384/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf


          Hope this helps.


          Kind Regards,

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            I feel very sorry what happened with you. First of all at the time of Update the BIOS you never can be do any other job nor you can stop the machine by any means (Power failure, shut down, manual restart etc.). I have three computer with D865GBF Mother Board. I had changed the BIOS at ease, without any failure. I may suggest you the following:-

            1.  Please go to the link http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=948&lang=eng and select the OS option.

            2.  You can find out that there is 3 type of update for your mother board. Please down load all the updates and make the Disks or floppy as directed carefully in the readme file which is also available on the same site.

            3.  Now you change the BIOS Pin setting jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 to recover the BIOS. Now press the start button continuing the jumper rest on 2-3. Let the machine running for 3 to 4 minutes. It will not show anything in the monitor. But the Hard Disk Light will blink. after 3-4 minute please turn off the power by switching off the power switch of your machine (either may be from UPS or by de-plugging the power cord from the back of the machine). Now insert the floppy for BIOS setup as directed on the readme file.

            4.  If after re-setting the BIOS, your machine works properly then you can try the automatic version (i.e, .exe version), which is a very user friendly version I had tried. Just double click the .exe file and follow the instructions.

            5. You must keep pressing F2 button till the Intel Banner comes out, you can enter the BIOS option of the M/Board, and can find out the serial of the BIOS version of the M/Board.

            6.  You must keep in mind that if the BIOS upgrades can't be done properly, then the board can damage permanently. SO PLEASE DO IT CAREFULLY OR BY ANY TECHNICIAN WHO IS EXPERT TO DO THIS.


            Tahnk you.

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              Problem located - Floopy drive damage ¬¬, I tri whit a new Floopy drive and a new Disckette whit the P08 BIOS recovery, and the PC works again, is rare why the CD drive, USB drive dont work to be read and restore the P08 BIOS recovery file.


              Thanks for the help and your sopport , sorry to disturb

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                Thanks God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have done It. Enjoy Computing.