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    Intel Wireless v12.4.0.0 Unattended/Silent Installation


      We need to install Intel Wireless v12.4.0.0 unattended/silent on 15,000 computers.  I have downloaded the software, but I cannot find any documentation on how to create a unattended/silent installation.  The filename is ICS_x32.exe.  Executing the file with /? does not help.  Can anyone please help me?

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          Good afternoon,

          Please create a case with Intel Customer Support, particularly given the volume of systems that need a new software installation.  Agents have specific instructions to assist you with this request.  The case can be escalated to my level if they are not able to answer your questions.

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            It may be too late for legends92, but for anyone else out there that needs to know I have the solution for you.

            First, you will need to download Filemon.exe from Microsoft (it is a free utility-part of the sysinternals tools)-http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896642.aspx

            Second, run Filemon.exe (you will need to extract it and accept the EULA to use it)

            Third, start the Intel PROSET installer (ICS_x32.exe)

            Fourth, look at Filemon to see what the temp file name is for the msi that the PROSET installer extracts. Tip for you if you haven't used Filemon before, turn off autoscroll (under Options), clear the screen (under Edit listed as Clear Display), and add the filter to include only msiexec.exe (filter option is under Options) just before you fire up the installer. Then look at the Path, this is where the name of the msi will be. It will probably be easiest to scroll to the very bottom and then start scrolling up to find what you are looking for. The msi will be listed towards the end of the msiexec processes. The name will be some random characters.msi such as 19875a.msi. Browse to this location and copy the file to somewhere else. Then you can close Filemon and exit the PROSET installer. Make sure you copy the file before you exit the installer, as the installer will delete the file once you exit from it.

            Fifth, rename the msi to something meaningful for you.


            Now you can deploy the msi silently.

            Here is an example that will install everything:

            msiexec /i C:\IntelWireless12.4.msi /qn /norestart ADDLOCAL=WIFI_Driver,WIFI_Software,WIFI_UI,WIFI_WMI,WIFI_SSO,WIFI_PLC,WIFI_Simple_Config,WIFI_Troubleshooter,WIFI_Help,WIFI_Custom_Help,WIFI_Admin_Toolkit


            The above assumes that you renamed the msi to IntelWireless12.4.msi and placed it at the root of C:. It will also not force a restart (/norestart) and will install completely silently with no prompts or progress bar (/qn); these are your normal msiexec.exe command line parameters. The ADDLOCAL= tells msiexec what options of the PROSET utility to install. Remove what you don't need installed.


            Hope this helps someone and I don't know why Intel just didn't provide an msi or an executable that accepted command line parameters from the start.