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    Intel Boot Agent & Vista 64 Bios/Boot Problem, Help



      I am attempting to uninstall or disable Intel Boot Agent on my PC.

      It continues to come up when booting my computer, for network booting, I do not need network booting.

      I have windows vista 64 so I cannot use the IBAUTIL - FD command in my command prompt window without an "vista 64-bit" error.

      In my computers Bios I have removed IBA as an option and tried to put it low in the boot order, after my hard drive and CD drive (vista is installed on my hard drive)


      Also if I do not have my LAN cable plugged in the computer will restart after the bootagent does not find the LAN, but will boot w/lan cable plugged in, eventhough it is not a network boot, but a boot from my HDD.

      My network adapter is Intel 82567 lf-2 Gigabit network connection, integrated on my motherboard.


      My bios is 1.1.1, I have also updated to the latest intel chipset drivers


      My Computer is a Custom built Dell Studio XPS 435mt i7, (only orignal dell parts are motherboard and case), No Dell support option

      Please help,


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          The Intel(R) Boot Agent utility will not work because the utility will only work on adapter settings. On a built-in network connection you need to use the manufacturer's utilities or BIOS settings. Disabling the boot to network (or similar option) in BIOS works in most motherboards. Since it is Dell's motherboard, they would be the only ones that could fix any bug in the BIOS.


          Maybe your settings are not saved properly. If the motherboard has a reset option, you could try setting everything to defaults. Then you could try again to disable network boot.


          Another thing you could try is to go to an earlier version of the BIOS. Unfortunately, the last couple of versions added support for new CPUs, so if your CPU is not supported in an older BIOS version you won't have that as an option.

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            A new motherboard gave the same problem to my Dell Studio XPS 435mt i7.


            The solution was to enter the BIOS Setup (F2 at boot) and then Load the Default BIOS Values (F9).

            This did change the Boot order to

            1. SATA (the hard drive),

            2. CD/DVD  and

            3. USB:Generic- Compact.


            It may be noticed that before this reset, the  unwanted net drive was one of the Boot Device options, but as I can recall not the "USB:Generic- Compact".

            How ever, after the reset. It was the other way. No net drive, but the USB:Generic Compact.


            Saving the new Boot Settings made my Dell Studio XPS boots nice and fast again.


            Good Luck.