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    Help! Problem with sound on-board plate dg31pr (br)


      02/2009, then the sound comes out with my normal HD 80GB Maxtor IDE Slim, that week I swapped the HD for a 160GB Sata Sansung, displays errors in the sound, the program of the Realtek sound there normal or even in some games as "Cabal Online", However Windows XP does not detect sound as connected, he totally ignores. If I put the IDE HD the sound works if I have the Sata does not work.
      I would like to know the why and how to resolve, I updated the driver with the Intel Web site which would be weird if it works is because the IDE does not work.
      Not like that Brazil does not have at least one that meets consumers end 0800, and q have no call for Argentina for not knowing that they also meet there the final consumers.


      As I wait for an answer!


      Waldir Flôres Norbert de Oliveira.

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          RESPOSTA: I searched Google usando o código de erro que você  forneceu e encontrou esse problema é muito comum. The most common  solution was this: [quote] open device manager click "system devices" disable  "microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio" uninstall "UAA bus driver"  make rescan devices (Note: Not all had this step. You may want to skip it.) DW  install realtek driver the realtek driver includes the UAA driver too. A  solução mais comum era esta: [quote] Abra o Gestor de dispositivos clique em  "sistema de dispositivos" desactivar "microsoft UAA bus driver de áudio de alta  definição" uninstall "SAU motorista de ônibus" fazer rescan dispositivos (Nota:  Nem todos tiveram este passo. Você pode querer para ignorá-lo.) DW instalar o  driver Realtek Realtek condutor inclui o SAU motorista também. [end quote] Hope  this helps. [Fim de citação] Hope this helps.