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    Vpro on intranet FQDN


      You know -  luckyregister.com/support/article.php?aid=6935&locale=en

      So how can i use vpro in intranet if i have FQDN of sccm like this sccm.moscow.mycompany.holding? Godaddy (or others) can't give me cert on this fqdn.

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          Alan Alderson


          There are a few options available to you when using a local domain.

          1. Create your own internal provisioning certificate, and then manually input the certificate hash into the MEBx of each computer.
          2. Configure your vPro computers with USB provisioning.
          3. Configure your vPro computers with Host-based configuration.
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            Alan, thanks!

            I know all of them (provision methods), but i want full automated one (cert from root CA).

            May be there are some workarounds?


            This methods, like entering hash, usb and host-based are good when you have a few computers. I have half thousand...

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              Alan Alderson

              I understand your desire for a fully automated process for inserting your internally created certificate hash into the MEBx. However, due to security concerns automating this process is not an option.


              That said, certain OEMs have been known to work with customers on a case by case basis. Creating a custom BIOS that would come pre-populated with your internally created certificate hash.

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                I was able to get a trial ssl certificate from Verisign(Symantec). I use an internal domain called somethingsomething.loc. I haven't tested it out yet.