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    D101GGC EHCI (USB2.0) Problem


      Hello Everybody,


      For the passed couple of weeks now, I've been trying to get my USB2.0 working with this Mobo (D101GGC)


      I'm currently using Award BIOS for Intel, I Go into USB Configuration in the Bios, And set the EHCI Controller to Enabled.


      Now Windows XP Boots up, Logs in (I've got automatic login enabled), And does one of the following:

      A: Says found new hardware, Then I Get Yellow "!" Next to the PCI To USB Enhanced controller and the USB Ports work, Just USB2.0 Does not.

      B: Navigating with a Non USB Keyboard, I go to Device manager, and see that the PCI To USB Enahnced Controller is working properly, But NONE Of the USB's On the back of the Mobo Work! (Nor the front ports)


      With these problems happening, I'm forced to go back into the BIOS and disable the EHCI Controller.


      I could really use some help, I'll be willing to throw out more info just ask.