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    ProSet: no option for ad-hoc-connection




      I am using Intel ProSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility. There is no problem with connections to existing networks via access-point (infrastructure).

      Today i wanted to set up an ad-hoc connections to my smartphone (device to device).

      Following the instructions for ProSet, this should be possible within the "Create Wireless Profile"-dialog. There should be two options for the "operating mode", one is "Network (Infrastructure)", the other ist "Device to Device (ad-hoc)".

      Allthough, I have only one option, what is fixed, "Network (Infrastructure)". I am missing the "Device to Device (ad-hoc)" option. Therefor I can't create an ad-hoc connection via Intel ProSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility.


      Is there anyone, who can help me. I updated arlreday my Intel ProSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility to on my Toshiba Portegé R700 with Windows 7 64bit. The Wifi-Adapter is an Intel Advanced-N 6200 AGN, driver is, following Intel® Utility for driver-updates 16.1.10 (current), following the Windows device manager:


      Thank you