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    Manually allocating graphics memory


      Hi, I'm currently running on a Lenovo Thinkpad E530 (contains Intel HD graphics 4000) and I wanted to know why my graphics properties panel is telling me that I have 64 MB of dedicated video memory when I have a total graphics memory of 1696 MB. I know about DVTM, but when I run a video game that requires at least 152 MB of dedicated memory, my framerate gets brutally murdered (it's definitely not because of my other specs because my processor runs at 2.5 GHz and I have 5.8 GB usable RAM). If DVTM exists on my computer, why won't it allocate 152 MB of dedicated memory, or even more, to the video game? I've read that DVTM works with video games too, but I'm running Minecraft and I get an average framerate of 12 FPS. Also, I've tried the BIOS settings, but I've searched every setting possible and there's nothing that lets me choose how much dedicated memory I'm getting.