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    Bitlocker fails to boot with M500 SSD [DZ77GAL-70K]


      The Crucial M500 SSD is OPAL and TCG compliant to allow hardware based encryption with Windows 8 bitlocker. I am cannot enable this feature due to a hardware issue.


      After installing Windows 8, I disable the TPM requirement for bitlocker (no TPM on the motherboard). Then, while enabling bitlocker, I let it run the check that causes the computer to reboot. Upon rebot, I get the "bitlocker could not be enabled - your computer does not support bitlocker hardware based encryption" error. If I enable bitlocker anyway, the SSD will be encrypted with the hardware encryption. However, after a reboot with the encryption enabled, it shows the bitlocker recovery screen and after entering the recovery key, the recovery fails.


      I have the latest BIOS (V66 from 2013-5-21). It is running in AHCI mode and the SSD is formatted as a UEFI drive (main partition, UEFI partition, and a recovery partition).


      What I have tried without success:

      -Disable legacy boot support

      -Disable network boot

      -Disable secondary SATA ports

      -Try the 3Gbps Intel ports

      -Try Windows 8.1 preview


      Is there a know compatibility issue with the dz77gal-70k and bitlocker hardware based encryption? Is there any workaround that I can use to get this to work? It appears to be a motherboard issue as I can enable the encryption just fine, it's booting afterwards that is the problem.


      There is a thread on the Crucial forms related to compatibility problems with the M500 and bitlocker.