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    HDMI-CEC support.


      Can someone please answer this question, I have recently purchases a NUC, but would like to know if HDMI-CEC is supported, nothing is mentioned on the website but HDMI 1.4A is supposed to be the standard being used, talking a look at the specification says that 1.4A the updated version of CEC should be supported.


      The reason I ask is there are a few articles where people are using USB HDMI-CEC dongles instead of native supporSUnuc

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          Hello Tezza,


          Unfortunately, the NUC products do not include support for HDMI_CEC.



          Lois H.


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            Hello, Tezza -

            HDMI 1.4a is a specification, not a standard. That means that a manufacturer might omit optional parts of the specification, and as of 1/1/12, products featuring HDMI are not allowed to reference version numbers.

            It is up to the end user to clarify, and for instance when you see a link like this :

            Quick Reference Guide to 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics (formerly codenamed Haswell) | Intel® Developer Zone

            you should be very wary because of all the contradictions : for instance it says "deep color" in one place, then gives shallow color depth for HDMI, but nothing for DisplayPort or TB, and makes references to HDMI version numbers.

            Then Intel stated that they cannot confirm as it depends upon the implementer, yet Intel motherboard tech documentation still don't have the full specs.

            Of course you can order to do your own testing and let everybody know, yet drivers and related utilities might be dysfunctional, so you can't really tell for sure, as the hardware might be really exactly what you want, yet the drivers, firmware or Operating System might inhibit some features.

            Most big reviewers don't bother checking, so it's better to be pragmatic and not take anything for granted.


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              Can you tell us if Intel have something in mind to do with this? (HDMI CEC) Or maybe we must find other solutions when we want to have such a device (HTPC)? I am an intel fan, I use an HTPC right now, i want to upgrade it, and I couldn't believe that I must to look for an arm for this... of course in 2015 I want to use only 1 RC for all ... My tv RC works ok with my AV receiver there is only the PC to change/upgrade ... must I go for ARM?

              Thank you.

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                At this point we do not have information about if the feature will be added to future products but we  will take this in consideration.


                Kevin M