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    Server board S5000PSLSASR and raid issue


      I have a server with the board S5000PSLSASR, that is currently deployed.  I checked the Raid Web Console, and it shows my array, but under Physical in lists 4 copies of the same bad drive, it says "Slot 0, SATA, 0 Bytes, Failed." on 4 drives.  It is a raid 5 with 4 500gb drives.


      Is anyone familiar enough with the console to tell me what's really going on?  I don't want to restart and go into the raid setup, in case the server doesn't come back up.  Can I just replace the drive in slot 0 while its on?


      Also, does anyone know if the R at the end of my board's model number means refurbished?  I thought this board was brand new when I bought it.


      Thanks in advance!