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    Intel HD graphics onboard


      Olá, eu comprei um notebook ideapad z460 da lenovo e veio com uma placa de video onboard Intel HD graphics. A memoria compartilhada dela só ta de 64mb. Gostaria de saber se tem como aumentar essa memoria compartilhada?


      Obs.: Minha BIOS nao tem a opção pra fazer isso, gostaria de saber se tem como eu aumentar a memoria de outra maneira.




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          The Intel Graphics Driver Properties window does not have a user-configurable setting to control or increase the amount of graphics memory used. The amount of graphics memory in use is dynamically allocated to balance the needs of the operating system and all running applications.


          DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) settings may be changed depending on the options that have been provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer through the video BIOS.


          I suggest that you review the information available on this article and check with your Original Equipment Manufacturer :