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    Problem with DP55WB and USB-TV-Sticks


      Dear all,


      I recently bought a Terratec DVB-T-USB-Stick which caused all tv software to freeze. I had it then replaced with a more expensive Hauppauge Stick, but the problem persists. The stick is beeing recognized by the system, drivers are installed correctly and up to date. But as soon as any tv software wants to access the stick, the program freezes and the process cannot even be killed with the task manager, only disconnecting the stick closes the program. I tried about 5 different tv softwares, all of them have the same issue. BIOS, chip set, drivers, everything runs on latest versions and is up to date. I learned that it might have to do with the power supply of the USB ports. My PSU is brand new and puts out 800 W. My graphic adapter is GTX660, I run Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit. Anyone any idea how to solve this problem? Thank you.