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    RAID 1 S5520HC with HDs SATAIII



      My server have a  S5520HC mother board  with Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II.


      The manual of the S5520HC mother board sais as follows:


      'The Intel® Server Board S5520HC/S5500HCV provide an embedded SATA controller that supports both 1.5

      Gbps and 3.0 Gbps data transfer rates.'


      So in theory  my motherboard don´t support SATA III. I have 2 news discks SATA III to configure a RAID 1 hardware RAID with the S5520HC mother board.


      I know that SATA III HDs are compatible with SATA II mother boards, but I´m worry about the possible incompatibility of the SATA III HDs with the

      RAID SATA controller Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II.


      Do you think that I will have any problem configuring  the hardware RAID 1 in the S5520HC mother board with SATA III (6Gbps) HDs?


      Thanks so much!!!!