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    Intel Server NIC I350 LACP IEEE802.3ad teaming issue




      I face an issue which i cannot resolve for almost month even with the help of intel support.


      I have:

      Intel Server System R1208GL4DS with buildin I350 4 ports inet adapter

      OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

      NIC drivers ver 18.4 (PRO set with ANS)

      Data Center provides ieee802.3ad dynamic aggregation teaming connection, It uses 2 ports on my server (0 and 3)

      DC uses Cisco Nexus switches

      SpanningTreeProtocol is ON and cannot be switched off by DC.



      One of the adapters suddenly goes on standby state and doesnot pass traffic.

      As the result the whole connectivity to server and to services I use stuck at that moment.

      There is only one way to resolve is to restart server or restart whole team by changing the team properties.


      Nic properties:

      flow control off

      ofloads off

      rss off



      I have tried to change everything playing with any property within nic or team. No luck.


      Please advise as I'm almost stuck.


      Thank you.

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            Any resolution on this issue? Having the same issues with the I350 ET Dual Port. Disconnects/Freezes during high traffic and Server 2008 also throwing out Event ID 2012 SRV in event log all day during peak traffic. Installed the latest drivers two weeks ago. Event Log Warnings 11, 13, 14, 27, but normally overnight and not during the work hours.