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    Help available for resolution scaling with Intel GMA 3650 with PowerVR SGX5 and ?


      We are deploying one of our products on Dell Latitude 10 units which use the subject chipset.  The drivers we are using is  Inconsistent with Intel documentation on resolution scaling for units in the chipset family, this driver does not present a resolution scaling option.  Since we run multiple legacy apps on the Windows 8 pro environment that predate the current 1366x768 resolution, the apps show up small with black bars to the side and/or top and the touch targets are more tiny that would be on almost any other INTEL hardware with almost any other graphics driver.  We have over 60 childrens applications on our products and roughly 40% are adversely affected by this.  We could use a commitment that this will be fixed and assurance that it will not be the case for future introductions which will be supporting 1080p and further exacerbate the problem.