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    DZ87KL-75K A6 40 on LED Display = No Primary NIC


      I am using the DZ87KL-75K with the 0344 BIOS.  The primary NIC connection will not work and I have on the LED display  A6 and 40


      If I go into the BIOS setup and make no changes at all and just F10 and exit and save the A6 and 40 on the LED display is fine and shows 00 01 and the primary NIC connection works.  If I do a Windows restart (or a cold boot) then the same problem comes back.  Even if I disable un-used items (such as IEEE, Thunderbolt, PS2) the same issue happens


      The secondary NIC connection is working fine all the time.

      What does the A6 40 on the LED display indicate?  Intel Tech support says it is 'Reserved for Future use'.


      CPU = i7 4770K

      Memoary = 2 x 8 GB

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