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    DDC/CI Support for Intel HD 4600?


      I recently built a new computer running Windows 7 Professional. When trying to run NEC's SpectraView software, I get the error message "Unable to communicate with any supported display monitors".


      Here is some hardware and driver info for my machine.


      MOBO: Asus Z87-A with integrated graphics processor, Intel HD Graphics support

      Processor: Intel Core i7-4770

      Display adaptor: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, driver version

      Monitor: NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi2(Digital), driver version 2.8.827.1917 connected to the MOBO via DVI


      I contacted NEC support who told me "It's most likely possible that your Intel HD chipset does not support DDC/CI communication."


      Is this the case? Is there anything I can do about it, other than buying a compatible video card?


      Thank you for any help.