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    Ivy Bridge-E bios update for DX79SI


      Hello ,,,


      With the upcoming release of the new Ivy Bridge-E 4960X processor, will there be a bios update for LGA2011 motherboards, and specifically the DX79SI ?



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          As a owner of a DX79SI Motherboard I would like to know the answer to Yair22's question too.


          Question: Does Intel plan to release a new bios release to support the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E CPU's or not?


          I've heard a rumor stating that Intel will not be supporting Ivy Bridge-E on their Desktop X79 Chipset boards?

          I hope that is not true as all of the other motherboard manufacters have already released BIOS updates to support Ivy Bridge-E.

          Please Intel let us know.

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            We are not planning to enable backwards compatibility between the Intel® Desktop Boards based on the Intel® X79 Express Chipset and the Intel® Ivy Bridge-E processor family.



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              Hmmm. Very disappointed

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                How can that be ?

                LGA2011 motherboard, LGA2011 CPU and the board will not recognize the CPU ?

                It doesn't sound logical at all.

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                  Ziad Aghar

                  Sylvia I have always respected you due to your technical skills. However, we as end users, bought a motherboard written on it PCIE 3.0 & you can not sell only one compatible CPU "eg. i7-3820" which does not empower the PCIE 3.0


                  To sell a board with PCIE 3.0 & No compatible processor to empower the PCIE 3.0 doesn't make sense, I also think it's illegal, not to mention immoral.

                  I really hope Intel will reconsider

                  Sin yours

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                    You are right Yair22, its not logicial.

                    From my understanding all that is required is a micro-code update to the BIOS for IvyBridge-E support. As I mentioned all of the major motheboard manufactuers have updated BIOS's that support IVB-E. I don't know Intel's reasoning not to support but, now I'm stuck with a $275 deadend motherboard.


                    I mean come on Intel.... take my money, I want to buy a 4930K...

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                      OH MY GOD...


                      Not to mention the fact these boards have supposedly passed WHQL certification for Windows 8 which makes Secure Boot mandatory, tested on Bios 1777, and all we get is BIOS 0590... Desktop Boards — Microsoft Windows* Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL/WHCK) information

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                        Mihael Customer

                        ... and I just bought another Intel extreme motherboard to integrate another computer and waiting over a month for new processor to be released and now knife stabbed in our backs from Intel! I could already buy processor and use computer for a while now. I would like to say I would never ever buy (and sell) an Intel Board again to punish Intel for that ... What is hard to forgive is hypocritic passion Intel had when they were trying to upsell us with that crappy x79 motherboards, how we will profit in long run and update later to new Ivy Bridge-E when it comes out... And now even simple BIOS update we are not worth for? Thank you Intel. At least you fixed USB3.0 problem on DX79SR after so long. Now I will buy second hand SB-E to throw it on my second X79 board and Intel will not see my money again for a awhile. I need 2nd computer and I had will to fork it out for new extrem processor. I trusted you INTEL! I sold quite some of your boards to my waluable customers. I know you don't care what I will say to them... And at the end we knew will come, instead of great hug and shaking hands we get smack in our faces. So much for our devotion to a brand that in the end always rule-out customer, put the most barebone boards on market at the top prices. Thank you again. I could add that firewire card on ASUS too. But I trusted DX79SR to be future proof...

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                          I have just placed another order for a DX79SR, this bringing the total number of these boards within our organization to 7. Today I found out, thanks to this thread that intel wont do as the other suppliers have done and update the bios to support the i7-4930K cpu.


                          Dont quite understand the logic behind this but in any case money shall be spent with ASUS from now on.

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                            You know what is a real pity?  That intel still says on their site that this Bios upgrade 'will'' happen in September 2013. I did not know about all this crazyness untill I got my DX79TO board and my i7 4820K chip, and then going to numerous places, calling around going from pc place to pc place to update my bios I thought. So now I stumbled onto this topic and I cant but help to feel very much cheated out of my money. Now I sit with this brand new PC stunning specs but have to buy a entire new board,what a absolute disaster, how can you do this to me intel? I have been loyal and carried intel name in high regards. Just release the update, or atleast !!! give the update to users who has already purchased your boards. Why are you doing this to people who have paid money for your product???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !!

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                              Listen here Sylvia, please go talk to your people at Intel, please I beg you to talk logic to them, we are suffering, I spent my entire salary on my pc I cant use, when intel said on this very webpage that they will release the bios upgrades in september. This is like a crimminal scheme of some sorts promising what you dont deliver, taking people's money without giving what they have been promised. Its a huge deal, I live in south africa and our PC parts are NOT cheap, we dont earn huge salaries, so when you buy yourself something special you dont expect this?!


                              Please, I plead and beg, go to your people,let them be aware of how this unlogical decision has effected intel's loyal users. It is not like intell will catch a big lose if they send us this bios upgrade.

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                                Here we go, please note this extract is from the Intel site ,also notice the last date this information was modified.

                                Intel promise.PNG

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                                  Ziad Aghar

                                  Guys I'm working on a moded  BIOS that will enable the support of the new 48xx & 49xx CPU series to work on the Intel x79 series. Will post it here when we are done with the testing "providing Sylvia doesn't mind".

                                  I think Intel did this cause it's not that much of a bump if you jump from the i7 3xxx series to the i7 4xxx series CPU.


                                  Please note that Intel is not in the Motherboard business anymore. So if they support the new i7 4xxx CPUs then, they are in the market for a longer time.


                                  Frankly speaking I don't know why anyone would buy an Intel MB "I own the dx79sr lool". However, switched to the Asrock x79 MB. I mean you have the Asrock, Gigabyte, ECS, Asus, these are all high quality products.


                                  If it's OK with Intel, will post the BIOS here as soon as we are done. There is no risk in trying it as worst case scenario you can always revert back to the official Intel BIOS

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