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    Centrino 6230 dropping wireless connection


      Every few months, my Dell xps14z running Win 7 x64 with Intel Centrino Advanced N-6230 goes through a phase where I have trouble with it dropping connections. I eventually get it resolved, usually by uninstalling and reinstalling updated drives numerous times, or tweaking some settings (though I can't remember what). 


      Yet it never stays fixed.


      Here is how the issue manifests.... all of a sudden my computer will drop its wifi connection, then because I have automatically connect selected, it will try again and again to reconnect. It will connect for a moment to the router, but then not be able to get out to the internet. Then it drops the connection. Then it tries again.  If I turn the router off and on and then reboot the computer, I can maintain a connection.  But then if I let the computer go to sleep when it wakes up it goes back into the connecting to the router/not able to get out to the internet/dropping connection/trying again cycle.


      In the past 3 days I have downloaded the latest drivers and software from Intel and from Dell.  I have repeatedly uninstalled the driver, sometimes reinstalling just the driver, sometimes reinstalling the driver plus the Intel Pro Wireless software.


      Still not fixed. 


      I would like to find a solution once and for all.  Any ideas?