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    DQ77KB does not detect both dimms with i350 NIC installed


      Bug, easily reproducable, I updated to latest released BIOS version 0052 7/8/2013, cpu is Xeon E3 1265Lv2


      -Install two 8GB DDR3 1.5V so-dimms which otherwise work fine

      -Install Intel Ethernet I350-T4

      Dimm channel B will not be detected at all


      All memory is detected and works fine if you either:

      -Remove NIC


      -Replace with Pro 1000 PT Quad (82571GB)


      On a side note, not that anyone seemed to care since I posted it last year, but this board will not boot at all with an intel Gigabit VT Quad (82575/6) as the bios hangs completely.


      So this now makes two intel NICs for me that are not compatible with an intel board but work on everything else I have...stay classy!