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    New Intel BLKD945GCLF2 motherboard issue re TV Out size settngs


      I purchased this motherboard yesterday and installed a brand new copy of Vista Home Premium + SP2.  It's primary use is to allow me to utilise a spare rear projection TV with Vista as a DVR (with a digital TV tuner).


      The TV Out works fine, and it's set to PAL-B.  It also needs to have it's Size settings (TV Settings/Basic tab) to 750 Horizontal and 750 Vertical, or the display has a large border.  There is no second display; this is the sole primary display.


      These settings are remembered on one, perhaps two shutdown and restarts, but reverts to the large border (ie. settings back to 0).  Clearly something is causing the 750s to be erased from the registry, or an INI file somewhere.  Even if I did leave behind a monitor, mouse and keyboard, the kids and their grandma aren't going to change the settings on each power up... 


      How can I lock this down?

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          I have since reformatted the system and reinstalled Vista, this time without SP2.  Same problem.


          Also without an LCD monitor connected in the VGA port, but only the TV, the system starts full screen in BIOS etc.  The screen only switches to non-full screen mode after Windows starts, so clearly it is a Windows settings and/or a driver problem.  Same thing, I can set it with full screen with the Size adjustment, reboot it perhaps once correctly, but is lost soon after.