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      Boa noite, vejam se é normal: após desligar o desktop e tirar a alimentação da fonte, na próxima vez que tento ligar o Desktop ele trava, no caso os leds da mb ligam mas não funciona e só volta a funcionar depois que eu reseto ele. Muito estranho!

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          Hello RomualdoBispo,


          I am afraid that the support is provided in English only and we are not able to understand the information.


          Can you please post your information in English so we can help you?

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            when I turn off the PC and disconnect the power source when connecting again and turn on the pc. motherboard connects but gets caught nothing appears on the screen. Ai is necessary to press the reset button of the cabinet to connect the pc normally.



            thank you





            quando desligo o pc e desconecto a energia da fonte ao conectar novamente e ligar o pc. a placa mãe liga mas fica travada não aparece nada na tela. Ai é necessário pressionar o botão reset do gabinete para que o pc ligue normalmente.




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              Hello RomualdoBispo,


              Thanks for the information.


              There are several troubleshooting steps you can do in order to indentify or fix the problem you are having.


              Follow the next instructions:


              1. Clear the CMOS on the motherboard. This can be done by disconnecting all other components (power supply, memory, video cards, etc…) from the motherboard and removing the BIOS jumper and the CMOS battery for about 20-30 minutes. Once this is done, you can reconnect all other components and turn the system on.
              2. Verify the cable connections. Make sure the monitor is connected to the power outlet and to the motherboard in the correct way.
              3. Once you have done previous steps and if issue persists, try taking the motherboard to a non-conducted surface (wood, glass, etc…) and turn the system on outside the chassis.
              4. Testing different Memory Sticks or another processor can also help to discard hardware issues.


              I hope this help!

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                the display shows the code in the post code 31 port 80h, the manual says it's failed flash. what should be done?