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    Can't start computer with Intel Integrated graphics


      Hi, I'm new.

      I have a GA-H61M-S2PV motherboard with an Intel G645 processor and an nVidia GT630 gfx card. Power supply w450 and a 2gb 1333 ram. 1TB Seagate HDD.

      I want to replace the card so I wanna remove it and switch to Intel graphics while I wait for my new one.

      The problem is I can't seem to get past bios like that. Motherboard logo shows then after a while the computer restarts and keeps going like that. Whether I remove my gfx card or leave it. Cable's plugged in the integrated graphics port. Normal one not HDMI.

      During this time I can only access bios and other basic stuff del key,  F12 choose boot menu, F9 info ...etc

      Windows logo doesn't show up, can't access windows boot menu either or use F8 to load in safe mode.

      Thank you in advance.


      - Clearing cmos with and without gfx card installed doesn't fix it.

      - Reflashing the bios, shutting the computer down, removing the card and starting without it doesn't fix it.

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          Hello Paco,


          I am sorry to hear you are having these problems with the unit.


          Based on your description, IT does not seem to be a problem with the Intel ® graphics controller or the Nvidia one since the unit Is not able to boot.


          My best recommendation is to verify and double check the connections, make sure the power supply is working fine and if possible test other memory stick to discard any hardware issue. Another good step is to test another processor in the computer.


          If after testing this troubleshooting steps issue persists, I recommend you contacting the motherboard system manufacturer so they provide more troubleshooting steps in order to fix the unit.