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    i7-2600K, 3.40ghz and a Asus P8P67LE


      I have random reboots.  It's not suppose to be overclocked.  There is no info about any problems.  Had it in the shop and ran videos for two days and no problems.  It now seems to reboot when Idle.  Everything has been checked and is OK.  Has there been any issues with i7-2600K 3.4ghz (LGA1155)  and the Asus P8P67LE MB.


      thank you


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          There are no known issues with this processor. Please consider the following suggestions:

          • Make sure the system is not overclocked, reset BIOS settings back to default.
          • Use compatible memory as per processor specifications (1333 MHz, 1.5v). You may test each memory stick individually.
          • Test the system with the minimum components only (CPU, memory and graphics) and out of the chassis.
          • Run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool and monitor power supply voltages while on load.
          • Cross test components (graphics, power supply, etc) in another system.


          Processors; What is the Intel� Processor Diagnostic Tool?