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    DZ87KL-75K  USB 3.0 C1 Stepping Issue - No Boot Device on Power-up


      Issues with DZ87KL-75K board (C1 version)  / i7-4770K CPU on cold start receiving boot error "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Import Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"


      Q.  Could this be the C1 stepping "USB 3.0 sleep" issue presenting itself after a cold start?


      Notes on recreating issue:

      • Issue presented itself this past month when I restored my iPhone 5 (iOS 7 beta 5) running Windows 7 connected via front panel USB 3.0.  Blue screen error!  Upon restart, no boot device error above.
      • I figured out how to fix the problem (see below), then tried to restore my iPhone again.  Same issue, same point of restore.  OK, so no iPhone restore.  Check!   Figured it was an iOS 7 beta issue. (still could be or it could be an inherent flaw which will be a massive issue when the OS goes GA next month)
      • Yesterday I got the error after 1) unplugging a Garmin USB ANT Stick from a powered (yellow) port  to a non-powered back port, and at the same time, plugged my iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 6 phone into the powered port. I noticed, but don't remember, that the OS noticed the devices and gave me messages, but I didn't pay attention to them, however it clearly knew something was different.  Note, iOS 7 has a new security feature whereby when it connects to a computer, it asks if you want to "Trust the currently connect computer?".  Could this be a trigger?
      • Further plugging and unplugging of the iPhone have not recreated the issue.


      My Fix and the ONLY one that works for me:

      • Unplug and replug all USB 3.0 connected devices on mobo (2 WD WD4001FAEX 4TB HDD, 1 Samsung CD/DVD).  Upon restart, I had to have my OS install CD in the drive (this really confuses me but haven't tested to certainty that it's required).  Note, I boot to an mSATA Intel 525 SSDMCEAC240B301.
      • I did not reattach the Garmin ANT USB and the iPhone until I had a couple clean restarts.
      • 24 hours later, no issues and everything's plugged in and working.


      I'm considering asking for a new mobo from Newegg or simply selling this one, version G74721-304 (on box), for the new one with C2 stepping, version G74721-305.  Reference PCN 112425-00 re: the C1 to C2 stepping change.