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    Question about LAN Teaming and Intel ethernet controllers




      I am not sure if this is the right place for this question, if not please direct me to the correct place. This is my first post here.

      The situation is as follows:

      Our company uses embedded mainboards in some of our products. A customer requested LAN teaming, Switch Fault Tolerance to be precise. Speed is not important (10/100 or 1000 is OK).

      The embedded mainboard has 2 Realtek ethernet controllers that support teaming, but not SFT.


      My first plan was to add an Intel ethernet adapter on the miniPCI expansion slot, since I read that Intel PRO adapters can also form teams with adapters of certain other manufacturers. This did not work.


      My second attempt was a miniPCI card with two 82541PI ethernet adapters. I was told by the manufacturer that this card supports LAN teaming independently of the (ethernet adapters on the) mainboard.

      I installed the latest drivers plus the PROSet for Windows Device Manager; PRO2KXP_v140. When I try to create the team, I get in both cases the error:"No Intel server adapter or Intel integrated connection is available for teaming. Each team must include at least one Intel server adapter or Intel integrated connection"


      What are my options?

      - Should I find a miniPCI card with a certain Intel ethernet controller? Which type?

      - should I add a server adapter, is this possible on miniPCI?

      - What means "integrated connection"?


      Thanks for reading so far.

      Any suggestion is welcome,

      best regards,



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