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    i5 4670K Power Issue


      Hi All,


      Just wondering if you guys can produce some insight into a issue that I have with my i5 4670K as it's quite a odd one.


      Since owning Haswell since release date I have had two major issues with my new PC build. The first issue was down to the motherboard's RAID chipset, as when using the RAID 0 disc it would cause the computer to have a crash and in event manage would show up a critical Disk Management error. This issue is now fixed after replacing the motherboard for a third time/change to a different make as I got feed up with the UD3H motherboard (First one had bad Chipset, second had bad BIOS/Didn't Boot). This error only occurred on the first UD3H motherboard and is now solved.


      The second issue I have and still have up to now and is the one I need advice on are the BSOD (Windows Event 41 - Kernal Power Crash). Here is the list of issues that I have which may be related to this:


      - Computer boots up sometimes when in Standby without any interaction.


      - Computer crashes sometimes when Idling for a long period of time E.G. I go out for 3 hours or so when I get back and the computer has signs that it has crashed as it's back on the login screen but doesn't say "Locked" and when I login all my applications are closed. This also causes the Intel Network card not to function properly until I restart the computer.


      - Computer randomly goes into standby and boots itself up again later on. (One night I left my PC stress testing with Prime95 and it went into standby and I was like "SIGH so even on heavy load it does this. Sort it out in the morning.", 1 hour later it switches its self back on and continues the stress test LOL! (There was a 1 hour gap in the test log).


      - Last issue is that when you shutdown the computer, sometimes it shutdowns and then boots itself back up. This happens mainly when I got to bed once or twice a week.


      The issues happen a lot less after changing the motherboard from a Z87-UD3H to the Z87-Pro. The only part that I haven't replaced is the CPU and I believe this is maybe faulty. I have done overclocking so I know that I have voided my warranty but I did buy the Intel Tuning Protection Plan if I do need to replace the processor. Overall I just want to know if the community have experienced similar problems or if Intel could give me some advice. I have also tried updating the drivers/firmware and BIOS but it didn't help.



      Computer Specification (Current):

      CPU: Intel i5 4670K

      Cooling: Corsair H100i

      Motherboard: ASUS Z87-Pro

      RAM: Corsair Pro 16GB 1866MHz (4 x 4GB)

      GPU: EVGA GTX 660 Ti

      Optics: Blu Ray Re-writer

      Power: EVGA NEX750 (750 Watt)

      Hard Drives:

      - 3 x 120GB SSD's

      - 1 x 3TB (RAID 0 / 2 x 1.5TB)




      Also want to state the I did change my PSU from a Brand 850 Watts which wasn't compatibly to the EVGA NEX750 which is Compatibly.

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          I have the following suggestions in order to further troubleshoot the issue:

          • Test with compatible memory or compatible memory settings as per processor specifications (1600 MHz, 1.5v).
          • Reset BIOS settings back to default and run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.
          • Test the system with the minimum components and out of the chassis; no add-ons or discrete graphics.


          ARK | Intel® Core™ i5-4670K Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz)


          Processors; What is the Intel´┐Ż Processor Diagnostic Tool?

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            Thank you for the reply. I have already check with memory compatibility and the memory works fine, but I also used the settings that you suggested and it makes no difference. I have ran the diagnostic tool and it passes (overclocked or not); I also reset the bios and the out come is still the same. I have already tried the system with minimal components when debugging the motherboard issue and with the new motherboard as I decided to test this issue. Overall the computer still wakes up from Stand By/Hibernation/Sleep with out any interaction. I'm out of ideas as I nearly replaced the whole computer except for the processor and Storage. Sorry for the long delay in replying been kinda busy.

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              I am not sure if you already tested the system out of the case as suggested above, if you did, I believe you may need to start swapping the main components in order to find the culprit.

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                I already tested the system out of the case using pretty much every single spare part I had. The parts that I used to test the system are the following (This was done between June/July):


                Motherboard: Z87-UD3H (Gigabyte) / Z87-Pro (ASUS)

                RAM: Corsair Pro Series 1866MHz / Kingston HyperX 1600MHz (Previous System Part)

                PSU: 850 Watt Generic Brand (Previous System Part) / 750 Watt EVGA NEX

                GPU: EVGA 660 Ti (Previous System Part) / Integrated GPU

                Optics: DVD-RW (Previous System Part) / Blu Ray RW

                Primary OS/Drive: Win 8 Pro 64 Bit on a Intel 520 120GB SSD with RAID drivers installed.


                The only core part of the computer that I can't swap out to test is the Processor as I only have one.

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                  So the issue seems to be narrowed to the processor, at least this far, which is rare due to the nature of the issue itself. The other possibility is that it could be the operating system. I am not sure if you have already considered that, otherwise I may only suggest you to contact your local Intel® support team for further assistance, unless you may also want to take the system to a computer shop for additional testing.


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