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    Problem opening Intel HD Graphics Control Panel




      I have a problem with accessing the Graphics Control Panel on my desktop PC. After installing the drivers for my iGPU 4600 (Intel 4770k processor) I found a new shortcut on my desktop to the Graphics Control Panel. However when I click on the shortcut I briefly see a window open which immediately disappears again. Any ideas on how to get the Control Panel to work or why it would automatically close again? I don't get an error just the window disappears.


      My PC:

      Intel 4770k

      32GB Corsair Ares RAM

      Asus Hero VI

      Gigabyte GTX 760 2G OC





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          Hello b3n,


          My best recommendation is to uninstall the current driver you have, download the latest one we have and install it again.


          You can get the driver at the following link:



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            Hi kevin,


            the problem seems to be that the control panel simply does not show if the monitor is not directly connected to the mainboard graphics port.


            See this conversation I had on a different board:


            Intel HD 4600 Problem - techPowerUp! Forums


            I was able to access the control panel after going through those steps. I would suggest to put a proper message into the control panel rather than have it disappear immediately again,




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              Hello b3n,


              Thanks for the information. I will pass this feedback over to the corresponding department for future considerations.

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                Well it's nearly the middle of 2015 and the same issue is still around. Latest driver with Core I7 4790K, running HDMI through NVIDIA GTX980.

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                  I had this same problem with a Dell E5440 laptop running Windows 8.1 and it was driving me crazy!


                  I think at some point, I had the laptop connected to a TV via HDMI, and opened the Intel Graphics control panel on that screen. After I disconnected from that TV, the Intel Graphics Control Panel would open up, but be completely invisible and inaccessible.


                  Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help... "Moving" the program around on the desktop with Alt+SPACE then "M" didn't work. NOTHING worked.


                  I DID manage to get it back, however, and I hope this works for someone else here...


                  Find the shortcut you're using to open the Intel Graphics Control Panel... Right-click on it and choose "Open file location." That will take you to the shortcut file, or possibly the Intel Graphics Control Panel .exe file itself. If you get to the .exe file itself, skip to the next step. If all you see is the shortcut, right-click again and choose "Open file location" a second time. You should now be in a folder something like:




                  Now you should see that a file called: GfxUIEx.exe is highlighted. That's the control panel program from Intel that you're trying to open. On my laptop, I also saw a file right next to it called Gfxv2_0.exe. Just out of curiosity, I double-clicked that file, and magically, the Intel Graphics Control Panel finally showed up on my screen again!!!


                  I was also connected to a different TV via HDMI with "extended mode" on at the time that I fixed my problem, but I can't tell if that had anything to do with it.


                  So, the steps to fix are:


                  1) Connect to a TV via HDMI with extended monitor mode on (may not be necessary)

                  2) Find the file Gfxv2_0.exe

                  3) Double-click it


                  Hope this solves some other people's frustration with this!

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                    Now it is August 2016 and I noticed that this thread is pretty old

                    But this is also the same problem as I had until now and only want to tell why I had the problem

                    yesterday I didnt understood why my lenovo have 2 graphiccards and an old game that I have started to play again only showed the intel hd graphiccard at the settings and wondered why it didnt found my nvidia card..

                    I think that the game is to old and only found the intel card and couldnt find the other 1.

                    So I deactivated the intel card on the device manager and checked the game settings again..

                    then it was something else but not the nvidia card it was something with intel it said at the graphiccard settings...


                    I forgot to activate the intel card on the device manager yesterday and today when I tried to start the "graphics control panel" it didnt started

                    when I was reading what I think it was kevin_intel on another thread he said to reinstall the drivers..

                    When I was going to the device manager to uninstall the driver I saw that it was inactive and activated it again so simple mistake

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hi Roggah,
                      Thank you for your feedback. I am glad your system is working properly now.
                      Mike C