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    Opening Graphics Properties Crashes Computer

    Matt Thomas

      I have an HP PAVILION G6-2237 running windows 8 and a older sony TV with DVI input.  I have HDMI to DVI adapter which can connect to the HDMI output on my HP G60 PC without any problems.


      When I connect this TV to the HDMI output on the HP Pavilion G6, by default the dispay is cloned to the TV but the resolution on the TV is not correct.   When I right click on the desktop and select "Graphics Properties" to adjust the settings.  The computer crashes.  I can open the graphics Properties when the TV is not connected, but it crashes every time the TV is connected and I attempt to open the program.


      I have tried this with both versions of the Intel HD 4000 Graphics driver on the HP website: and


      Any suggestions?