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    DQ77MK no usb boot


      Dear community,


      I am not used to set my own pc from parts as I use to have macs.

      But I set up one.

      So I bought this famous DQ77MK, cpu (core i7) and ram.

      I can boot in the uefi and see my whole ram (32gb) and my sata disks (2x500 Hitachi).

      But not my msata disk...


      I insert my usb boot drive (windows 7) but I can't boot on this usb key.

      I have an usb iso-to-dvd-emulator disk case.

      It works perfectly on all computer I have seen so far, but when I try it on the DQ77mk, still saying I have to insert a bootable device.


      My goal is to install ESXi after that.


      I don't think it is because of my other hardware (ram, disks) as I can see them in the bios.


      I am stuck and beg for your help...


      thanks a lot