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    Intel dp55wg motherboard crashing with SSD

    Bryan Foust

      A while back I purchased two off brand 60 gb solid state drives to upgrade my PC with that uses the above mentioned motherboard.  My original intent was to use the two drives in a RAID configuration.  After installing these drives, I started getting random reboots with the message "multiple POST attempts failed...." message on my screen.  After being convinced that my off brand drives were at fault, I purchased a SCANDISK 128 gb solid state drive and installed it in the normal IDE configuration.  The system originally worked flawlessly, and I was able to get windows 8 installed.  Now after a week, I'm getting the exact same "multiple POST attempts failed..." message again, and I cannot even get to the OS start screen.  If I put the old regular SATA drives in the computer, all works normally.  This is obviously a problem within the motherboard as going back to the "old" way resolves the "issue".  What is the problem here?