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    Build Desktop with Iris Pro


      When is Iris Pro going to be available in a Core i7 or i5 processor, so I may build my own desktop with it?


      I would like to build a new desktop within 1 - 2 months with integrated Iris Pro.

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          Hello techyguy717,


          The Iris Pro Graphics controller has been already released on the Intel® Core™ i7-4770R processor. You can check the information at the following link:



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            I can't build a custom desktop with Iris Pro, as of now.  Could someone please tell me when I will be able to?  Will this ever be possible?


            The Core i7-4770R is only available in a BGA package (the acronym stands for “ball grid array,” a design for mounting the microprocessor permanently to the circuit board at the factory)

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              While it may have been "released"... that's pretty meaningless when you can not buy the chip, or any product containing the chip... 


              you can prove me wrong with a link to any computer containing the chip, or a shop that has the chip or a computer containing the chip in stock to buy.



              So the question is... when will we be able to buy any chip or computer with iris pro haswell?

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                Where can I buy a processor with Iris Pro graphics?

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                  I'd love to get a 4770R (BGA or not) but it does not seem to be available anywhere. So far the only product I found with Iris Pro was a laptop and it's sold out. What I'm looking for is a "real" desktop, with 32GB RAM, 6 SATA drives, and stuff.


                  There seems to be a lot of false info on the net, even on the Intel homepage:


                  4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4770R processor (up to 3.90GHz, 8T/4C, 8M cache)
                  On Intel® Motherboard Model # DZ87KL-75K, BIOS: BLH6710H.86A.0313.0402.2053 (INF Intel®, Memory: Micron* DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz, HDD: Seagate* ST31000528AS 1TB 7200 rpm, OS: Windows* 8 RTM Build 9200, Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4600 Driver

                  This makes it sound like it's available, and on a decent board to boot! But alas, it also says "HD Graphics 4600" so the whole thing is just an error, or at least I can't find this product anywhere in any case. If it does exist, please let me know.


                  On the Tom's Hardware site there was an interview with Gigabyte as to why there are no 4770R boards to be found:


                  Q. Are there any plans to build a motherboard with Core i7-4770R for home theater enthusiasts?
                  A. Colin: As for any motherboards with on-board Intel i7-4770R, since it is a BGA (non socketed) CPU, we don't currently have any plans to support as selling a high end non-socket board/CPU is difficult in the retail channel.Our distributors would have to carry a large line of credit to purchase both board and CPU which is hard for some of our smaller customers.Our customers like to be able to DIY their systems, so not being able to change their CPU would be a hard sell for us. That said, we are trying to convince Intel to come out with a socketed CPU with Iris Pro graphics core.

                  To me that sounds like board manufacturers like Gigabyte are boycotting the 4770R CPU in hopes that Intel will reconsider making a socketed version of it. Which doesn't explain why there isn't a board by Intel itself though.


                  I'd love to get this CPU myself for a Linux box with semi decent graphics but without the usual graphics card noise/heat issues. It would be a great build to replace my Intel E8400 2x3Ghz system. I'm extremely disappointed that this Iris Pro was hyped all over the news and the availability is simply nearly non-existant, and not even an announcement when this is likely to change to be found anywhere.


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                    Hello All,


                    Based on my research it seems that as frostschutz mentioned, the processor is available at this point for OEM’s only.


                    Will be necessary to contact the computer system manufacturers to get information about the computers they will release. Also, I am afraid to say that there is not information about a released of this graphics controller on boxed units.

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                      Thank you for your answer.


                      Although a single product has been announced in the meantime (Gigabyte Brix for December), it's not suitable for my needs (has only a single SATA II connector according to the specs) and I decided it's not worth the wait. I'll go with a regular desktop system and check back in 5+ years.