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    Intel 7260 AC won't boot on my gateway nv53a


      Intel 7260 AC was installed to the pcie slot but when i boot up i only see a flashing underscore. No bios. When I disconnect the chip it continues the boot up.


      The Insyde bios has a whitelist. I tried installing after booting up and it does not recognize the chip in the Device Manager.

      Only the Bluetooth register but I'm not sure if that works. I looked up lenovo workaround and found some Pin 20 tape over method.

      But I believe this only pertains to the WWAN slot and not this WLAN pcie slot.

      Is there another workaround for this beside erasing the Whitelist or adding the FCC ID?

      Maybe a preconfigured Bios that works with any WLAN mini pcie card.


      The Dell FCC ID for this card is E2K7260WY.

      Mine is the PD97260H

      http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Intel_Dual_Band_Wireless-AC_7260_(7260HMW)intel miniboo


      I read that the DELL FCCID is different. Not sure if that means they work only for Dells.


      BIOS Version/DateGateway V2.14, 7/27/2011
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          I see that your BIOS has the whitelist. Sad to say that only certain FRU P/N cards will work with your Gateway. Look at your repair manual for the laptop and it'll have a FRU P/N list of WiFi cards for your laptop. Go to something like "pc hub" where they sell those FRU P/N approved WiFi cards.

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            Hello Oliverclouds,


            There are several OEMs that limited which hardware is compatible with their system.


            We recommend contacting the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to determine which product is approved for use in your computer. Only your system manufacturer is entitled to provide the list of validated and certified adapters that are compatible with your system and the proper means to do the hardware exchange for you.

            If the Insyde bios has a whitelist that allow you to enable this adapter you may want to try, but once again, you would need to contact your system manufacture.


            In addition, your system is currently certified with the FCC in compliance with the International Special Committee for Radio Interference standards for radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference, installing any other adapter might void this certification.