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    DH87MC with I5 'Processor HOT LED'  lights when machine is cold.


      When the power switch is activated, the red-colored 'processor hot LED' lights-up immediately. The fan does about a quarter-turn of a rotation, and everything stops.  While I am sure this is an emergency shutdown of some kind and is working as intended, it is presenting me with a diagnostic issue.


      When I take the fan off the processor and touch the cpu's back-plate, it is cold to the touch.  The processor is NOT hot. 

      (I'll probably have to wipe it down later to get any oil from my fingers off and re-apply conductive adhesive because of this action, but I'll do that after I troubleshoot this problem).


      I got a PSU tester and I know it doesn't test power under a load, but it does test initial voltages and the supply appears to be testing good.  It is also brand new.


      Why is this LED lighting up?  Why does it say my processor is hot when its cold?  From a diagnostic perspective, what is the board trying to tell me and what do I do about it?