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    Driver for O&O DiskImage Virtual Device on DC53427HYE


      When viewing Devices in Windows 7, the DC53427HYE (i5) shows an O&O DiskImage Virtual Device but no device driver.  Attempts to install a device driver via Windows Update fail.


      I have several i5's and they all show the same item as uninstalled.  The i3 NUCs (DC3217IYE) all have the O&O installed correctly.


      NOTE:  I originally created a "master disk" on the i3 platform.  I have cloned it to other i3's and i5's as well.  No issue with the i3's.  For the i5's I manually replaced all the i3 drivers with i5 drivers from the Intel support site (NOT using auto update).  Or, at least I thought I did.  Seems that I overlooked something.


      Thank you in advance for your help.