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    Placing NUC in "Low Power Mode" results in network "pauses"


      I have a DC3217IYE NUC kit. I have been using it very successfully as an HTPC running Windows 8 for a few weeks.


      I moved the motherboard to a fanless case and it worked well but the temperatures were running higher than I liked.


      So I went into the BIOS and put the NUC into "Low Power Mode" (It was in "High Performance" mode.)


      The temperatures are much lower now, and I am still happy with its level of performance.


      But I am having one problem. The wired NIC seems to pause about every ten minutes. It will stream perfectly and then it will just stop for about 30 seconds and then resume. Is there a setting in the Windows network drivers that needs to be adjusted now that the BIOS has been placed into "Low Power Mode"?




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          OK, after some more testing (which included turning off Energy Efficient Ethernet) I believe what was causing the problem was changing which HDMI port the monitor was plugged into.


          The unit exhibits the problem when the HDMI port adjacent to the ethernet jack is used. If I use the HDMI port fathest away from the ethernet jack it works fine.


          I'm very happy with my setup of Intel DC3217IYE NUC & Akasa Newton fanless case. After putting the NUC into "Low Power Mode", venting the case's cover, & using the case in vertical orientation the idle temperature is around 48C and peaks 65C under full load (which the unit never really is under, most of it's tasks only put it under a 10% load).