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    Please someone help me!!! I am intel dealer ... and i am helpless!


      I sell Intel cpu's and motherboards for 15 years. I myself have a Intel DX58SO2 motherboard... and today i decided to finally change my hard drive from normal sata to a new SSD Intel 520 - 240GB.

      I tried a clean install and for the last 7 hours i have tried any combination i know as a professional IT. I never failed installing or identifying a problem with pc's and this is the first time i cannot seem to catch this.


      My computer worked fine til today with a WD Raptor 10,000 rmp 300gb.


      I have 12gb Kingston ram Hyper X and i tried clean install...


      Just a windows 7 64-bit pro in english from a USB External USB LG CD-rom... updated the bios to the latest version on the dx58so2 intel motherboard...  settings are set at AHCI and everything seems to be ok.


      Installation starts ok.. and then suddenly shortly after beginning It stops and needs a driver to continue installation. I have tried for 7 hours every driver i know... tried maybe 100 times to restart a clean installation over and over again and just cannot pass that message.


      I AM FRUSTRATED after spending today more than 300$ on this SSD hard drive... and i don't know what to do... I really need help.


      This is SOS matter!!


      I already installed SSD with clean windows 7 installation on laptops and normal pc and in my pc just doesn't work.


      HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!! this is how much i am frustrated. How can i recommend Intel SSD drives to my clients with these problems


      Just for information... the ssd drive is the only drive connected to my pc on SATA 0... (tried all 8 of them already) no more other drives and took out sound card... only left are



      2. EXT CD ROM connected usb  LG

      3. Video card Nvidia 9500GT no fan...

      4 CPU i7

      5 Kingston memory 6x2GB = 12gb and that's it.