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    how to halt cleanly DH87MC mb desktop from Linux Debian sid




      I have acquired 3 days ago a new desktop machine, with Intel CPU and motherboard (mb), viz., i7-4770 and DH87MC, respectively. My other hardware is: 1) a Samsung SSD with 256 GB, 2) a Seagate HD with 2 TB, 3) 2 x 8 GB Kingston RAM. My only operating system is a Debian Linux sid (unstable) distribution, which I installed right after the purchase, without enabling the UEFI boot, only the Legacy one.


      I am facing the following problem: every time I try to shutdown the machine, either via the KDE main menu icon Shutdown, or via the root command "shutdown -h now", the machine turns off, but then, right after some 2 seconds, reboots, like a zombie! The only way I manage to turn it off definitively is by pulling off the Power button of the case during some seconds...


      Is this a bug of the Visual Bios program of the board? Is this known? Some long time ago, I remember having similar problems with another board (don't remember the brand or the final solution). Is there a chance this might be solved by a BIOS upgrade? How should I do it, without Windows, just plain Linux?


      Thanks for any directions!