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    DG35EC 5.1 Audio problem



      I have a problem regarding a DG35EC Mobo and the Realtek HD audio driver. I have been unable to get 5.1 sound from the mobo by retasking the 3 audio ports via the realtek software - all I can get is rear left and front right to work. When I download and install the new updated driver for the board the pc crashes on reboot showing a very brief flash of a blue screen (I cant read it). I then have to do a system restore to be able to boot normally.


      1) is it possible to get 5.1 from this mobo?

      2) any idea why it is crashing after installing Intel/realtek driver from intel site?

      3)is there any other software changes I need to make to retask ports other than in Realtek Sound Manager & windows multimedia?


      DG35EC Motherboard

      Intel Core 2 E7400

      Sparkle NVidia 9400GT

      XP Pro Service Pack 3

      Phillips 5.1 Speaker system

      3x2.5 jack to 9pin Din converter cable

      Media Portal, Aud-x Codec, etc etc


      Many thanks in advance for any help you can give with this problem