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    Intel hd graphics 4000 brightness and HDMI problem


      I have problem with my samsung NP530U4E.


      1- I can not adjust brigtness from the keyboard and from the power settings. I installed the latest driver for hd 4000 but the result was same. I installed the previous driver but still couldn' adjust it.


      2- I can not get display from HDMI port. I tried with different hdmi cables and with different monitors.


      I am using windows 8 x64.

      hd 4000 driver version is


      I searched about these two problems from internet but couldn' t find a solution. At the moment, brightness is very poor and i can not adjust it. also i can not get hdmi output which is very important for me.


      How can i solve these 2 problems?

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          The brightness of the integrated display may require a customized driver to work properly, this usually happens when you install an operating system that was not originally installed in an Original Equipment Manufacturer computer. I suggest you update the system BIOS in your computer and check with your computer manufacturer directly for further troubleshooting on this matter.


          Concerning the HDMI problem you mentioned, this is being still investigated. You may go ahead and post about this issue and find updates on the status of this, through the official thread that has been created for this: