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    Intel HD Graphics: disables HDMI audio device when connected device off


      I have Win7 x64 running on ASRock B75M with Intel Celeron LGA1155 + integrated Intel HD Graphics + HDMI. I've installed the latest intel drivers for graphics and audio. But when the AVR isn't powered on the intel driver seems to notice that no device is connected over the HDMI output and it gets deactivated.

      I've set screensaver to never start but this won't change anything. As soon as I power on the AVR which is connected over HDMI the HDMI audio device in Win7's sound settings gets enabled again. I set it as default and it is correctly activated.

      How can I prevent the driver from disabling HDMI audio device? Is this related to any power saving setting? In the driver or BIOS? For example deep render standby?

      appreciate your help