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    Add external SATA drive to SATA RAID 1


      I have an IntelD945PVS mb. Win XP Pro running RAID1 with SATA drives. No problem. Have an external 1TB drive via USB no problem. Decided to change the external to SATA. When I powered up I had an indication there was a problem with the RAID configuration and it was taking forever to boot. I stopped the process and removed the external SATA connection. Getting back to normal now. My question is why can't I add an external SATA drive to my RAID 1 system?

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          The reason why you cannot make the external sata drive part of the RAID Array is because the external sata drive is not connected to the same onboard sata controller and the external sata drive is connected thru a sata to usb converter, so it is connected to the USB controller.


          FYI, for new board:

          Now even though you had an E-SATA drive connected to the E-SATA controller of an Intel Motherboard, you wont be able to mix the raid to the one onboard SATA controller as they are two different and independent controller. You can mix up the raid due to two different sata controllers.


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