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    Help! My RAID10 failed due to ONE disk failure


      On a X58 motherboard, I configured four disks in RAID10. I expected that to survive the failure of one disk. Is that not the point of RAID?


      When I checked the console, the machine was trying to boot off the network, so I reset it and went into Ctrl+I. It offered to recover the

      array, which I agreed to. It booted,  and then started rebuilding. Things seemed OK, but very slow.


      The next day I was greeted by a gray screen with a working mouse cursor. I reset the machine, and removed the faulty disk and put in a new one. But it would not boot. I tried with a different disk. I tried with three disks. I made a clone of the disk using a disk cloner, but it still wont boot.



      Is there anything I can do now?